• Optimize Pit
    Pit optimization with Lerchs-Grossman
  • Automatic pit design
    Design pit automatically with roads
  • Evaluate benches
    Evaluate benches or blocks using a block model or layer
  • Integrate with any other spatial data
    Overlay DGN/DWG/DXF or Shape files files
  • Filter data and add themes
    Data can be filtered on any parameter. Data can be colored based on any parameter
  • Auto generate panels
    Just supply panel profile, drive line string and ore body perimeter
  • Evaluate Panels
    Evaluation of multi minerals and density against block model
  • Theme panels on grade etc.
    Dynamic theming
  • Handle non flat reefs
    Panels generated follow reef and perimeter
  • Inspecting panel
    All attributes of panel can be inspected by just clicking

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DesignXL Introduction

DesignXL Introduction

DesignXL is the latest enterprise Mine Design solution. DesignXL allows dynamic generation of mine designs for open pit and underground scenarios. Data can be stored in spatial Databases like Oracle Spatial, SQL Server or in the file system. DesignXL integrates with all our other mining software solutions. If you save the design in a database, you have full access to query the data and if you are using SpatialBase (spatialbase.biz) you can even update or perform batch processing on the mine design elements in the database. DesignXL can load from and save to all main mining technical formats. It allows multiple nested layers.

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