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Pit Optimization

DesignXL supports optimizing what blocks to mine in the pit using the Lerchs-Grossman algorithm. You can add your own formula for the net block value or use fixed values. The algorithm also saves the dependencies so that you can schedule the blocks later using ScheduleXL or any other scheduling system.
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Parameterized open pit design

The pit can be designed by specifying the base perimeter line string and then the pit parameters. These include the bench width, height and slopes. Also the road start can be specified as well as the road width and gradient. Then you just add benches and the pit is developed. benches can each have their own parameters as needed. If the road exits in the wrong place, you can fix it be ...
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Parameterized panel design

In DesignXL you can easily generate panels according to specification that cover the area of interest. All you need specify is the drive line string; It needn't be straight and the perimeter line string that does not need to be planar. Then you choose what style of panel you want and your naming conventions for development panels and the stope panels names. The panels are automatically ...
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DesignXL Introduction

DesignXL is the latest enterprise Mine Design solution. DesignXL allows dynamic generation of mine designs for open pit and underground scenarios. Data can be stored in spatial Databases like Oracle Spatial, SQL Server or in the file system. DesignXL integrates with all our other mining software solutions. If you save the design in a database, you have full access to query the data and...
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